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About Us

3D STAFFING is a dba of 3D Providers and was launched in March of 2011.

     We take Geat pride in how we treat our staff and offer support for them. We also allow them great freedom to choose which shift they will work and when. One of the big differences between us and the competition is our agency allows our staff to be hired by any facility without penalty to the worker or the facility hiring them. No contract keeping you from moving forward in your career.

  This agency is well respected in the community and we plan to grow more every year and continue to earn that respect. 3D Staffing is the agency to work for and our staff will be the first ones to tell you. Just go to the home page and apply to be part of a growing company that care about you and your need!


Don't wait another minute. Just apply and get started today. Be part of a company that cares about you, is there for you and will be as long as your are with us.


STAND OUT AMONG THE REST!  Our slogan is "Raising the Standard of Excellence in Care", and  we try to live up to that expectation. It is important to us that our staff is proud of who they work for and have a positive attitude as well as all the required qualifications and experience.

    We have indeed built that team and you will have a nurse that has a positive attitude, talent, ability, fully qualified and with experience to serve you at their best. Our mission is not just to fully satisfy our clients but have an emphasis on how well our staff is treated and supported.    

   Paying attention to the needs of the nurse is often overlooked, so we made it one of our goals to change that.  We make sure our staff has everything they need so they have only one thing to focus on......serving your client.

   Of course, we pay close attention to documentation and training. You will feel confident to know we follow the guide lines of the Joint Commissions recommendations and all regulations for the State of Florida. There should be no worries when using our agency for staffing.

   What does "3D" stand for?  3 Dimensional. We feel equal importance should be shown for your needs, the nurses' needs, and proper documentation and legal standing of 3D Staffing.

Our Mission

Let us show you what we can do for you!


144 SW Waterford Ct, Suite 101             Lake City, FL 32025

Office 386-752-1244    Fax 386-752-0162

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