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    We serve all of Florida. If we do not have a nurse in your area we will bring a nurse to your area. They will be fully qualified and have the experience you want for the job you need filled. Once you begin using our staff you will know they have integrity and work as a team.

    When you call to fill a shift using one of our nurses you should feel that is the only thing you have to do. We will ensure our nurse shows up on time or early. We will be sure they are the right nurse for the job. We will have your client as our top priority. You will feel confident that the nurse will come with a positive attitude and ready to serve with tender care and genuine concern for your client.



144 SW Waterford Ct, Suite 101             Lake City, FL 32025

Office 386-752-1244    Fax 386-752-0162

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We take great pride in our nursing staff here and how they have served our clients. They work as a team and enjoy helping those who are ill or at end stage of life. 3D Staffing takes great effort in supporting them when needed and we are available 24/7 for any and every request so they can stay on track and focused on the client before them. You will find they have great integrity, commitment to their client, pride in their work and the team here at 3D Staffing.


Our commitment at 3D Staffing is 3 Dimensional.

   1. We give full support to our staff by starting with high wages. Being there for them 24/7, and showing them the highest respect, appreciation and admiration. What they do is extremely important and personal. We allow our staff to work as sub-contractors so they have flexibility in who they work for and when they work. This has been a very positive work relationship for all our staff. 3D Staffing has made a commitment to our nurses so they are grateful to work at this agency, happy to be doing the job they are doing, and show up to work with the best attitude to perform the best  job possible. That translates into a great nurse for us and for you!

   2. A total commitment to any client, facility, or agency we are in contract with to serve. We hire nurses as sub-contractors so there is a more flexible work schedule for everyone. The great news is....if any facility or company who uses our staff and desires to hire them directly, they may do so without any requirements from 3D Staffing. That's right, just give us a 2 week notice and they can begin working for you. We want to make sure we are an agency with integrity, that is extremely  reliable and dependable. So when you call us that should be all you need to do... and we do the rest. No worries.

   3. Create an agency that goes above and beyond all requirements and regulations for the health care field. You will feel confident that the staff you use is in full compliance with experience, credentials and requirements when you put them out on a shift for your company. Our agency also keeps accurate records and can produce any documentation requested within 24 hours if needed.  3D Staffing is well known in the community for being one of the best agencies to call for nurse staffing. Our recent PPE (Past Performance Evaluation) came in at 95%. Now that's a score that says Great Agency. Let us show you what we can do for you!